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Economic Exasperation Continues

With today’s disappointing GDP release for the second quarter and downward revisions for the previous two quarters, the U.S. economy completes 7 years of economic expansion with a whimper. And with an average annual growth rate of only 2.1 percent … Continue reading

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Economic Exasperation

At the end of this quarter, according to most economists, the U.S. economy will have completed 7 years of so-called expansion (28 quarters from 2009Q3 to 2016Q2) with an anemic annual growth rate of 2 percent. I have been writing … Continue reading

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The Economic Hokum of Secular Stagnation Redux

Two years ago I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal titled The Economic Hokum of ‘Secular Stagnation.’ I wrote it after Larry Summers presented the secular stagnation view at a joint Brookings-Hoover conference. I argued that the bout … Continue reading

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Can We Restart This Recovery All Over Again?

Andy Atkeson, Lee Ohanian and Bill Simon recently published a nicely-reasoned article about why the US economy can acheive 4% growth.  They argue that with the right policies there is “far more room for the economy to rebound today than after … Continue reading

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Other Economic Lessons the US Can Learn from Greece

Last week the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation held a hearing for which I was asked to address the lessons that the United States can learn from the Greek financial crisis.  One obvious lesson is … Continue reading

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Growth Accounting for a Liberated Recovery

For several years I’ve argued that economic policy is holding the economy back and that a return to the principles of economic freedom would recreate a fast-growing recovery. It’s the subject of my book First Principles, of blogs and a … Continue reading

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Liberate the Recovery

My piece in today’s Wall Street Journal “A Recovery Waiting to Be Liberated,” starts with data showing that economic growth last year was in the end disappointing again.  So far this year it looks even worse: Macroeconomic Advisers one of … Continue reading

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