Principles of Economics — Open – Online – Ready To Go

This spring we will be offering an open online version of the Principles of Economics course. To get more information and sign up, go to The course begins on Monday, March 29, 2021. It is self-paced so students can move ahead at the most appropriate pace. The video-lectures are based on my Stanford course.  People who watch the video-lectures and take short quizzes can earn a Certificate. There is an on-line forum on which Yiming He and I will be commenting and answering questions.

This on-line course covers all of economics at a basic level.  It stresses the key idea that economics is about making purposeful choice with limited resources and about people interacting with other people as they make these choices. Most of those interactions occur in markets, and this course is mainly about markets, including product markets, labor markets, and capital markets.  We will show why free competitive markets work well to improve people’s lives and how they have removed millions from people from poverty around the world, with many more, we hope, still to come.

The textbook for the course, Principles of Economics by John B. Taylor and Akila Weerapana, is available online here: It covers the key issues related to COVID-19 and the economic policy responses. I am looking forward to the course. Virtual online economics courses are becoming much more popular with the Coronavirus epidemic. But, economics is more important than ever, and we have been doing the online course for several years now, and have a great deal of experience. Here is a sampling of views about the online course which have been previously posted on Twitter:

Russell Roberts‏ @EconTalker: Great class. Great teacher. No charge. Get your basics right here.

Ike Brannon‏ @coachbuckethead: The most entertaining economist I know.

Brian Wesbury‏ @wesbury:  If you want to learn Economics from one of the best, click on this link!  What great news!

Juan Carlos Martinez‏ @juank700410: Educación gratuita y de calidad

Tom Church @TomVChurch Interested in economics? Take Econ-1 online. Pass the quizzes and get a statement of accomplishment! Plus, you’ll learn a thing or two.

Chris Pippin @ChrisPippin This is the class and the professor that made me an Econ major. Thanks to the generosity of @EconomicsOne and the miracle of the internet, now anyone can take it.

Nicolas Petit  @Competition Prof Great course by terrific teacher, comprehensive & more than all eye opening on real world problems like trade wars and monetary policy.

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