Catching Up On Some Hot Debates Over Monetary Policy

There have been a flurry of debates and discussions about monetary policy in December, and people have been emailing and tweeting me asking for the links.  So here are:

— some links to segments (with some overlap) produced by CNBC of the debate between Alan Greenspan and me, which Larry Kudlow moderated on his TV show: (1) Debate follows opening question about Taper  (2) Rates were too low: Taylor (3) Greenspan defends his record with text by Krista Braun

— a link to what turned out to be a debate between Adam Posen and me with David Wessel in the middle on PBS NewsHour.  The Taper and the performance of monetary policy during the Bernanke years were the topics.

— a link to five WSJ essays online with different takes on what history will say about the Bernanke years

– a link to a fun discussion with Rick Santelli (following his Treasury auction report).

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