The 2010 Little Big Game in Economics

Once a year, in November, the graduate students in the Stanford and Berkeley Economics Departments get together for the Little Big Game, a series of contests in basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, touch football, and soccer. The Little Big Game takes place in the days before the Big Game between the Stanford-Cal varsity football teams. This year the Little Big Game was held at Berkeley, where the Big Game between 6th ranked Stanford and unranked Berkeley will take place tomorrow.

I am happy to report that the Little Big Game was great this year for the Stanford team, which racked up 3-1-1 won-loss-tie record, much better than last year’s 2-3 record. Stanford won in basketball, volleyball, and Frisbee, lost in football, and tied in soccer.

Stephen Terry, a second year Stanford Ph.D. student, explained the victory in the post-game wrap up, saying “I give the first year students’ credit for this one, especially Isaac Opper who led Stanford in almost all of the games. But of course we shouldn’t forget our t-shirts. We rule!”

In case you’re wondering, I’ve included a picture of the front and back of the Stanford economics team’s t-shirt uniform for this year’s Little Big Game.

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