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Due to previous commitments in Hong Kong I could not attend today’s Bretton Woods: The Founders and the Future conference in New Hampshire, but I was invited to speak via video. Here is the text of my remarks. I want … Continue reading

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Family Economics and Macro Behavior at a Gary Becker Memorial

Kevin Murphy and I were invited to speak at a memorial session for Gary Becker at the Mont Pelerin Society meetings in Hong Kong yesterday.  My remarks focused on the time Gary spent each year at the Hoover Institution and … Continue reading

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Terminal Policy Rates: Hot, Cold and About Right

Last week I flew overnight from Cartagena, Colombia (90o F, very humid) to Jackson Hole, USA (37o F, plus wind chill). In both places I was asked a lot about monetary policy—by bankers at the conference in Colombia and by … Continue reading

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The American Economy: Turtle or Caged Eagle?

Last week I was on a panel with Stanford President John Hennessy and Congressman Paul Ryan at the new Hoover Institution Offices in Washington. Al Hunt moderated the discussion which focused on policies to raise economic growth. The video is … Continue reading

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The Ayes Have It, While Greenspan and Many Others Comment.

This week the House Financial Service Committee voted to approve legislation requiring the Fed to report a policy rule or strategy for setting the instruments of monetary policy.  The legislation now goes to the full House, with a vote likely … Continue reading

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Discussion of Policy Rule Legislation Continues

Discussion and debate about new policy rule legislation continued during the past week.  I replied to Alan Blinder’s  article, “An Unnecessary Fix for the Fed,” published in the Wall Street Journal last Friday (July 18).  I show that Alan’s article was … Continue reading

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What a Rollout!

Last week (July 7) I wrote on this blog about a newly-introduced bill  that would require policy rules for the Fed. Since then a Congressional hearing was held on the bill on July 10, Fed Chair Janet Yellen was cross-examined … Continue reading

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