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Economists State Why Policy Rules Legislation Is Needed

Recent policy rules legislation introduced in the House and Senate has attracted  much attention—including in op-eds, blog posts, tweets, editorials, speeches, research papers, conferences and Congressional testimony over the past few years. A particular version of this legislation passed the … Continue reading

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The Economic Hokum of Secular Stagnation Redux

Two years ago I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal titled The Economic Hokum of ‘Secular Stagnation.’ I wrote it after Larry Summers presented the secular stagnation view at a joint Brookings-Hoover conference. I argued that the bout … Continue reading

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Trying Out a New Video on the Power of Markets

I always enjoy teaching the introductory economics class—we call it Econ 1 at Stanford— and I’m teaching the course again this winter. Part of the fun is trying out new teaching ideas. During the first couple of weeks I emphasize the … Continue reading

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An Economic Policy–Performance Cycle

For several years I have writing about an cycle in which economic policy swings toward and away from certain key principles of economic freedom. The poor performance of the U.S. economy during the past decade —the Great Recession, the Not-So-Great … Continue reading

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Listen to the Economic Experts

Each year I look forward to reading the Annual Report of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers which endeavors to explain the economy and policy from the perspective of the current Administration; my interest may have been piqued from working … Continue reading

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Ideas and Action: A Rules-Based Deal for the IMF

Several months ago in Congressional testimony, in a Wall Street Journal article, in meetings with public officials, and in a post on Economics One, I suggested the idea that “There is room for a deal” on an important IMF reform that … Continue reading

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Learning from Experiences in International Economic Policy

Last week we had a wonderful symposium in celebration of George Shultz’s 95th birthday. Many of George’s friends and colleagues spoke on the theme “Learning from Experience” in economic policy, security policy, social cohesion, and politics. For my part, I spoke of … Continue reading

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