Great Bloomberg Interview: Now How to Get Back

In a Bloomberg TV interview today, Romaine Bostick @romainebostick and Scarlet Fu @scarletfu asked me great questions about the just-released inflation rate and the implications for Fed policy. During the interview, which goes for about 7 minutes from 3:50 to 11:13, I argued that the Fed was not done, that they needed to raise the Federal Funds interest rate some more, and that they should not give up on their 2% inflation target.

I referred to the book –“HOW MONETARY POLICY GOT BEHIND THE CURVE AND HOW TO GET BACK”–that has the proceedings of a conference we held a year ago, when the funds rate was only 25 basis points. The message of the conference was that the Fed was behind the curve. Well, a year later they have raised the funds rate, and they are much less behind the curve. The question now is “how to get back, and that will be the focus of our next conference.

Here is a video that contains the interview: .

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