Essays in Honor of Marvin Goodfriend: Economist and Central Banker

A beautiful book, edited by Robert King and Alexander Wolman, with original essays in tribute by Alfred Broaddus Jr., Donald Kohn, William Poole, Kartik Athreya and Stephen Williamson, Ben Bernanke, Michael Bordo and Edward Prescott, Douglas Diamond, Michael Dotsey, Andreas Hornstein, and Alexander Wolman, Huberto Ennis and John Weinberg, Vitor Gaspar and Frank Smets, Mark Gertler, Robert Hetzel, Athanasios Orphanides and John Williams, Charles Plosser, Sergio Rebelo and Pierre-Daniel Sarte, Thomas Sargent, Lars Svensson, John Taylor, Mark Watson, Michael Woodford, Robert King and Yang Lu

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