Bill McGurn Shows Nice Video Clip of Milton Friedman

Bill McGurn make a lot of good references to Milton Friedman in a video just posted on the Wall Street Journal web site. We hear Milton talking about the power of the market. It is a great video and I always use it my Economics 1 introductory economics lectures at Stanford. Below is a review slide from the lecture on September 29 of this year with the link to Friedman’s video at the end, and here is the link:

Of course, a big reason to refer to Milton Friedman these days is the ongoing increase on inflation which virtually every person is now seeing and talking about. That is the main message of McGurn. It is also the message of a recent book Choose Economic Freedom with George Shultz, Milton Friedman and me in which we trace out the history of the 1970s, and see it repeating itself, unless the Federal Reserve takes action soon.

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